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Help upon release from custody - The NEUSTART accommodation service

Being alone and not knowing where to go in a crisis situation can often lead to alcohol and drug abuse, unemployment and homelessness. The four accommodation agencies of NEUSTART offer a roof over the head. – From a place to sleep up to supervised housing.

Living means: knowing where one belongs

Even under normal circumstances, solitude is hard to bear. Solitude for people in crisis situations often has got disastrous consequences: alcohol and drug consumption because of the loss of family, friends or job. A vicious circle begins that finally ends with homelessness.


Michaela is at a loss after she has been released from custody. She has no place to stay. For that reason, she already lost her apprenticeship. To have a roof over the head would be the first necessary step for her. She gets in touch with NEUSTART to talk about her options.

The NEUSTART accommodation programme

If a client requires accommodation for a longer period, he or she moves into one of the ambulant accommodation programmes. The clients are housed in single apartments or single rooms. Of course, the prerequisite for such an action is a certain degree of reliability and self-dependence of the client. The task of the ambulant supervisors is to assist the clients with the planning of a new life on their own – the aim is that the clients gradually learn to live independently and to take on personal responsibility.