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Community Service Orders

For minor and medium offences there is the option of Community Service Orders, which can be delivered solely or in combination with reparation for the caused damage or another compensation for the consequences of the offence. The objective is to select an adequate institution and task for the suspect and to give him or her advice and support.


Ines got two mobile phones from a fried and resold them. It turned out that the mobile phones derived from a theft. Ines thereby becomes suspected of the concealment of stolen goods. The Public Prosecutor makes Ines the offer to do 30 hours of community service. Ines acknowledges her mistake and works for an animal shelter; once the community service has been provided, the criminal proceedings are stopped.

Unpaid, but not unrewarded

Community service means working for a public utility institution without payment. Concurrent education, training or occupation have to be considered for the fixation of the community service; that means, it shall be possible to make up for a failure without risking an education or occupation. The mediators of NEUSTART help with and support the efforts for a compensation for the offence. They report about the accomplishment of the community service order to the responsible public prosecutor or judge, but beyond that, they are sworn to secrecy as a matter of principle.