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Our organisation's mission statement

NEUSTART is an organisation that offers our society help and solutions in coping with the problems of criminality and its consequences.

What does that mean in particular?

In principle, we focus on dealing with the causes for criminality instead of deterrence. Regarding concrete offers, this means: De-escalation and constructive regulation of conflicts instead of convictions and punishments; prevention for juveniles and children; quick help for victims; attendance to and re-integration of offenders into society.

The Mission NEUSTART: How we want to carry out these tasks

One part of our mission statement is our self-conception as service provider. Our objective is to give our clients support and help in developing personal goals and finding solutions for a constructive crisis management in conflict situations. This is achieved in a respectful and professional manner through the services we offer. We help our clients to handle their – often traumatically experienced – past, so that they can cope with the present, find a way out of their isolation and develop a positive perspective on the future. Our goal has to be the successful integration of both victim and offender. At the same time, we have to set in with prevention measures at the social origin of criminality by sensitising juveniles. If we are able to achieve both, then we will not only help our clients but also our customers (the executive, the justice and the custodial treatment) as well as the whole society.

Therefore, our mission in a nutshell is
  • treat – the Past
  • manage – the Present
  • secure – the Future

In this sense, NEUSTART understands itself as an aid organisation for the society’s coping with criminality: We support the individual in coping with crises. Thereby, we create security for the whole society because second offences can thus be avoided.