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We gladly answer all your questions. Please provide us with a brief summery of your condition and your question as well as your place of living and your county. It is not necessary to state your name – anonymous questions are just as welcome.

Our Team will contact you within 24hours on working days. On weekends or holidays it can take until the next working days to receive an answer. Our online-counselling provides advice in the field of social work, it can’t substitude legal counselling.

In case you don’t want to use the contact form provided, you can also send us an email directly

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If you’re in danger or you suffer from a severe psychological crisis and you’re scared to hurt yourself or someone else, please don’t hesitate to contact the police calling 133 (European Emergency Call: 112).


NEUSTART Online-Counselling is provided by NEUSTART Bayern gemeinnützige GmbH located in 83454 Anger, Germany.