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We gladly answer all your questions. Please provide us with a brief summery of your condition and your question as well as your place of living and your county. It is not necessary to state your name – anonymous questions are just as welcome.

Providing and preventing: NEUSTART Prevention

Through selective prevention measures the NEUSTARTsocial worker teams intend to set in where the first conflicts evolve: the schools.


Lukas and Tom can't stand each other. In the schoolyard during the break, they are repeatedly having quarrels. Other pupils take party. The teacher tries to settle the dispute by threatening with punishments. The parents will be informed.

Conflict scene school

The social workers of NEUSTART Prevention visit the conflict scene school. There, they set the course for the handling of crisis situations. Juveniles who learn at an early stage that problems can also be solved in consensus have the opportunity to resort to this experience in their later life.

How it works

Our employees offer pupils, teachers and parents information and go through possible conflict solutions with the persons affected. Thereby, all of them really get a lesson for life. Moreover, we provide information and give advice in crisis situations. Many of those who receive support in time can do without our efforts later on.

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