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We gladly answer all your questions. Please provide us with a brief summery of your condition and your question as well as your place of living and your county. It is not necessary to state your name – anonymous questions are just as welcome.

NEUSTART is a secure partner

Staff 2016

NEUSTART employs 587 professionals. 62 % female. 955 persons work voluntarily.


Help in 2016

All together 1,542 professionals and volunteers created with their help security for 40,461 clients and, therefore, contributed to security for all of us. The following examples document the number and fields of supervision:
370 persons (school - 2,601 hours, youth welfare service, drug advisory)
Conflict regulation between offender and victim: 6,024 times (mediation in penal matters) with 14,713 persons (offenders and thereof 6,186 victims)

Work for the common welfare: 7,937 persons (community service orders offered)
Probation work: 14,788 persons (instead of imprisonment); Help upon release from custody: 3,722 persons (voluntarily)
6,297 victims (see also conflict regulation)
237 persons (living and crisis agencies); 23,162 visits to the SAFTLADEN in Salzburg (communication centre)

Help for 40,461 clients - financing results from good cooperation

Our organisation has a contractual relationship with the Republic of Austria and with the State Ministry of Justice. Therefore NEUSTART is financed mainly by the state as a private organisation offering social services. The largest patron is the state ministry of justice as it contributes about 90% of the financial support. Further patrons include other ministries, countries and communities. Sponsorship by the European Union is currently minimal.

Subvention and remuneration based on achievement represent fundamental finance forms whereby the various fields of activity show different financial structures that vitally depend on the patron and are regulated by contract.

Accountancy as the basis for solid leadership of the enterprise

Since 1999, NEUSTART has provided its annual statement according to the Austrian accountancy regulations and voluntarily fulfilled the standard for all Austrian businesspeople that is not yet the legal standard for associations like NEUSTART. This accountancy standard represents the basis for the accounts with our patrons. Thereby it is possible to substitute the more costly accountancy system for our patrons, for whom we still partially have to follow their instructions for a time-consuming and therefore costly accounting system, with a modern and more general capacity settlement. This accountancy standard provides next to transparency and re-enactability for our external accountancy also the basis for an internal controlling system as a control instrument in order to increase our effectiveness and efficiency.

Controlling by way of a comprehensive taxation system

NEUSTART deploys this controlling system both in the realm of strategic and operative business leadership. Most importantly, the strategic realm serves to align the organization with the needs of the customers. By increasingly focusing our strengths on the current and future needs and expectations of our patrons, clients, and other relevant groups, the efficiency will continually improve.

Above all, the operative instruments serve to plan and control the continuous decisions in the fields of achievement, resources, as well as cost, redemption and solvency management. The planning and controlling is carried out at various levels from that of the entire organization to the individual level. By way of comparing what should be to what is every month and by making sure the numbers match, the budget execution can be optimized at a very high level and this guarantees efficiency.


Revision creates security for everyone involved

Besides these continuous controlling measures that support reaching the optimal goals of the company leadership, supplementary checks are embodied in the organization. An independent auditor goes through a yearly review of the accounting reports (Quote: "Some side oriented enterprises would wish to have such a detailed accounting system") and the unit for administrative audit is occupied with revisions of organisation and system. Furthermore, the public patrons have the contractual allowance for the inspection of the accounts of NEUSTART. Within the scope of the federal duties, revisions are also carried out by the Austrian court of audit, which on the last revision stressed the positive developmental status (quo) of NEUSTART and which is fully supporting our further plans.

More efficiency for more service resources by using business administration

For a longer period, public funds have already been used according to standards of business administration. Various methods of controlling are applied as, for instance, cost-unit accounting, application of the "Rechnungslegungsgesetz", administrative revision, and external revision by the court of audit and by independent accountants, to name just some of them.

Moreover, it is the aim of the organisation's policy to keep the administration (management, office) as small as possible. Executives are in charge of all services offered in the region including the support service for our contacts, professional leadership (Indikation) and the assignment of personnel.

In the year 2016, 1,542 professionals and volunteers have worked for 40,461 clients in order to provide the highest possible security for all of us. At the moment, we have a permanent staff of 587 professionals. In the future their flexibility will be demanded even more strongly, since on the long term they should offer two service processes and ensure the variety of services of the respective agency. 955 volunteers are an important service resource and they also promote understanding for the goals of NEUSTART in public.


Andreas Zembaty
Head of the Unit for Communications
Spokesperson of NEUSTART
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Tel: +43(1) 545 95 60-539

Mobile: +43(0) 676 84 73 31 100
Fax: +43(1) 545 95 60-50
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